Members' Exhibits & Quilt Insurance

                                                                                                  Quilt Insurance

This insurance policy covers quilts and items needed to make your quilts, including sewing machines.

The insurance covers these items anywhere in the U.S. and Canada and this does include shipping.

The cost is $1.14 per $100 of value; which is $114 for $10,000 (subject to an $86 minimum premium).

There is a $500 deductible per incident. The premium is paid annually.

There are 3 ways to value your quilt(s):
1.    Certified Appraisal
2.    Established Market Value (sale of 2 or more quilts)
3.    If the quilt was purchased, receipt
If none of the 3 apply, then it is cost of material

This is a master policy under the name " Society of Quilters." The Carrier is Hartford Insurance. 


You can be added at anytime during the policy period and would be charged a pro-rated premium.

Each artist is added to the master policy as an " additional named insured."

Chris Johnston, CIC
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1-800-688-7472 ex 41282





1/15/2017 11:07 AM





TBD                        Reno and Salt Lake City                  HQMS


Quilts will be returned at the July meeting unless another venue is found.





2/4/17-3/10/17       Exhibit at the Branch Gallery                        Deborah Weir


2/4/17                    Artists walk through 3-6 pm                           Aneesa Simms


Tbd – apr/May         Exhibit at Soft Expressions                             Sharla Hicks


6/10/17                  Ship quilts to George Stull                              Karen Markley


6/23/17-6/25/17     SUGAR CONFERENCE                                      Georgia Stull


7/1/17                      Ship Quilts to Mancuso                                 Georgia Stull


Aug 2017                  New England                                                Mancuso


Sep 2017                   Pennsylvania                                               Mancuso


Oct 2017                   PIQF                                                           Mancuso


Oct 2017                   Ship quilts to Karen Markley                      Mancuso


Quilts will be returned at the November meeting







1/19/17-1/22/17                   Road to California                         Carolyn/Matt Peterson


1/27/17                                 Pick up quilts                                       Janet Tranbarger


TBD                                       HQMS – MAY AND JUNE


Aug 2017                              New England                                          Mancuso


Sep 2017                              Pennsylvania                                         Mancuso


Oct 2017                               PIQF                                                     Mancuso


Quilts will be returned at the November meeting. (unless they go on to Oklahoma for HQMS





2/4/17-3/10/17                   Exhibit at the Branch Gallery              Deborah Weir


2/4/17                                Artist’s Walk Through 3-6 pm               Aneesa Simms


TBD-May/June 2017              Reno/ Salt Lake city shows                 Opal - HQMS


TBD                                      Soft Expressions                                Sharla Hicks


9/3/17-9/6/17                      San Diego Quilt Show                         Mary Tabar

                                           Accepting add’l entries







July 8, 2017                      Turn in Pieces


July 15, 2017                      Jury Process


July 15, 2017                      Photograph                                Jamie Hamel-Smith


Jan 2018   TBD                   Road to California                        Matt/Carolyn Reese


May-June 2018   TBD          Salt Lake City/Reno Shows           Opal - HQMS


8/1/18-11/1/18                Mancuso shows                             Mary Claire Moyer







1/13/18                           TURN IN ENTRIES  -

                                       JURY AND PHOTOGRAPH - Full and Detail Shots Required 


1/1/18 – 3/31/18             Houston entries due to Becky Navarro


10/2018                              HOUSTON SHOW


2019                                   Exhibit Travels 




36X24 -landscape

i.e. Indigenous – people/plants/cultures


11/4/17                    Turn in entries and Photograph 


TBD                           HQMS SHOWS, SAN DIEGO QUILT SHOW



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